How To Triple Your Sales By Getting Your Internet Marketing Right

Learn to identify and avoid mistakes that are destroying other Air Duct Marketing businesses. Discover actionable insights to keep leads rolling in and unlock huge profits for your company.

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With dozens of happy Air Duct Cleaning business owners under our belt, we believe we're the agency that gets Online Marketing right in the industry. We want to help YOU maximise your lead flow and grow your business the right way.

We've had the pleasure of generating up to 10× traffic to Air Duct Cleaning websites, tripling sales, and so can you. If you happen to own an Air Duct Cleaning business, this can very well be the one book that changes your life.

How YOU Can Triple Your Sales With The Right Marketing Plan

For Air Duct Cleaning biz owners, this book is unlike what you've ever seen (or will see). We don't boast untrusted theories that fall apart in practice. Nor do we preach boilerplate fluff that you can find with one Google search.

Instead, we reveal industry secrets and case studies of Air Duct Cleaning companies just like yours. Read how they have grown their traffic by 30% average with a simple, tried-and true Internet Marketing Plan.

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An Overview of Our eBook

This eBook is an extensive series of guides and best practices in growing an Air Duct Cleaning company on the web.

We've got proven processes, code snippets, tips, tricks, content blueprints and more. It's practically an open book to dominate local search and convert more leads.

From the absolute fundamentals to secrets top performers don't want you to see, we've got you covered.


Online Marketing Plan

With such a large amount of Internet marketing channels, where should you start?


Marketing Fundamentals

All marketing has 3 core components: Message - Market - Media. Flesh them out first before running headstrong into any marketing.


How To Set Up Your Website

All marketing has 3 core components: Message - Market -Media. Flesh them out first before running headstrong into any marketing.


Understand How Search Engines Work

Break down the anatomy of search engines and understand the differences between paid, organic and map listings.


Search Engine Optimisation

How to optimize your website for the keywords that are most important for your particular business.


Google Maps Optimization

A guide to getting ranked on the Google Map in your area. Discover the four primary factors to getting listed on the first page of local Google Maps.


Website Conversion Fundamentals

How to ensure that your website converts visitors into leads in the form of calls and web submissions.


Mobile Optimisation

How to identify your mobile marketing challenges so you can plan your strategies accordingly.


Social Media Marketing

This chapter outlines how you can leverage existing social media traffic for maximum effect in your business.


Video Marketing

How you can tap into the Power of YouTube and other video sharing websites to enhance your visibility and drive better conversion.


Email Marketing

How you can leverage email marketing to connect with your customers, get more reviews and ultimately more repeat and referral business.


Paid Online Advertising Opportunities

Once you have a strong foundation, you should have the financial resources to invest in other paid online marketing initiatives.


Maximising Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Discuss how you can run a really effective PPC program that can drive profitable traffic for your company.


Paid Online Directories

A round-up of which paid directories you should invest in, and how to properly manage pay-per-lead services


How to Track, Measure and Evaluate your Marketing

Ensure that your investment is generating a strong return on investment.


Next Steps

A recap of everything we have covered so far.


Meet The Man Behind The Book

Daryl Rosser has been cooking up digital marketing campaigns since his early teens. Working behind the scenes as an affiliate, he was sending millions of clicks a year to his partners - sometimes millions per month.

The trick to it all? Understanding algorithms, first YouTube (over a million views), then Facebook (millions of fans), then Google - for the past 10 years.

With dozens of opportunities to work with local business owners, Daryl has extensive experience in driving leads and calls to companies like yours. Now, he is excited to share his findings with you.

Daryl Rosser speaking at the Vietnam SEO Summit in front of 500 attendees

Daryl Rosser

CEO & Founder

Daryl Rosser speaking at the Vietnam SEO Summit in front of 500 attendees


A Sample Of Our Profit-Boosting Secrets

  • Forget about reinventing the wheel and coupling together trite internet advice... Just follow a proven do-it-yourself Internet Marketing Plan followed by hundreds of Air Duct Cleaning companies like yours!
  • Annihilate your competitors with our now-revealed secrets to ranking on Google's front page. By properly optimising for your local area's most-searched keywords, you can even out-market, out-sell and out-profit larger companies with more established sites!
  • Did you know... Paid Listings, Map Listings, and Organic Listings are all different? Make sure you're investing in the right one for skyrocketing bookings!
  • Don't cut corners with "mobile-responsive" design: Over half of all traffic is from mobile consumers, another half of which reports abandoning the site after a bad mobile experience?
  • How YOU can get more glowing testimonials from past and current clients, at the same time minimising bad reviews by setting up a proper reputation management system?
  • Lasting impressions: The best and easiest way to instantly scream "credibility" on your site is to optimise your above-the-fold space.
  • Beautiful, designed-to-convert landing pages are an excellent way to vastly increase calls from your ads. See how your conversions rate can triple with one simple trick!
  • Dominate your city's Google Maps result and get your business ranked at the very top!
  • Take a glimpse into our SEO-engineered monthly blog content plan: How to target the right keywords and get the best backlinks to go along with your fresh, relevant content!

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