We Grow Duct Cleaning Businesses

Calls are the lifeblood of your business. Either your phone is ringing, or you’re soon to be out of business.

At DuctMarketing.com we specialise in generating targeted leads and calls for duct cleaning. We know your business, we know your service, and we’re the best in the industry at marketing this - our track record is proof of it.

Why Choose DuctMarketing.com?

You’ve tried marketing before, it didn’t work. Or maybe some if it worked, but you don’t know which part.

You won’t have that problem working with us.

Within days of signing up, you’ll have your first leads coming in. You’ll know exactly how much you paid us, how many leads you received, and how much it cost per lead.

By month 6-8 onwards, this cost per lead will be significantly less than any lead selling platforms.

Ultimately, work with us if you want results.

  • We only work with Duct Cleaning companies
  • Track the effectiveness with number of leads generated and cost per lead/call
  • Increase your traffic AND conversions so you’re increasing your revenue, not just brand awareness
  • The best SEOs specialised in the Duct Cleaning industry measured by track record, popularity, industry notability, and revenue growth
  • Become the local market leader with omni-presence marketing

Experts in duct cleaning leads

There’s a lot of marketing agencies out there, but do they really understand your business?

Not only will you have to wait 1-2 months for them just to understand your business, your target customer, your service, and why people should buy it.

You’ll also have to wait months while they test and figure out the best way to do marketing for it.

Or... you can work with duct cleaner marketing specialists with highly converting ads ready to run.

Get more calls

Results are subjective, it could be brand visibility, impressions, listens, views, clicks, or any number of things.

Our campaigns are focused on making you the biggest duct cleaner in your city. That’s measured by how many calls and leads we’re sending you every month.

We measure this, track this, and report this.

You’ll know exactly how many calls/leads you’re getting every month, how much you paid for these, and where these leads came from.

Clear tracking and reporting

Marketing isn’t only about branding or awareness, it’s about directly increasing your revenue. You invest X and earn back Y.

Based on a call being worth $X, you can invest up to $Y profitably.

The question is how many calls did you generate? And at what cost? We track all these metrics so you understand exactly how much you’re investing, what return you’re getting, and whether it’s worth it or not (it will be).

Exceptional support

You’ve worked with an agency before where the hot shot marketer brings you in, tells you how great it is, then passes you off to their juniors, juniors, intern - or other nonsense.

We don’t do that. Our results are great enough, you’ll happily pay us well. That means we work with less clients and don’t need an army of sales people.

In fact, you’ll be in contact with even our founder/CEO throughout your campaign.


Our Marketing Services

Here’s the digital marketing strategies we use to grow your duct cleaning business and book more appointments.

New conversion-focused website

An amazing website will not only help with branding (pricing, trust, expectations) but also likely increase call conversions by anywhere from 10 to 30%.

Strategic search ads campaign

There are searches happening right now for your services. They’re holding their phone trying to call someone. Ads is the quickest way to get in front of them.

Rank with local SEO and Google My Business

Local SEO puts you in front of the right people at a significantly lower cost per lead than ads. Once this gets momentum, it’ll be your biggest source of quality leads.

Stay relevant with
Social media ads

If you’re lucky, 10% of people visiting your website will book an appointment. With social media remarketing, we can capture the much bigger 90% at a later date.

Build landing pages
that convert

Running ads to your homepage or standard site does not work. You’ve probably tried it before. We design beautiful landing pages that are built to convert.

Build your
5-star reputation

If your competitors have more reviews than you, they’re getting more calls than you. Simple as that. We’ll build a review process for you to surpass anyone.


Not Convinced? Hear It Straight From Our Founder

You’re reading this because you’re thinking, who the heck are these guys and can I trust them?

Rather than reading what we have to say, we’re a little biased, just look me up.

I’ve been in this industry close to 10 years and have a stellar reputation.

That comes from working with dozens of clients ranging from local duct cleaners to national brands, consulting hundreds of agencies internationally, over half a million views on my SEO training videos, and features on the who’s who of SEO publications.

Don’t take my word for it, Google me.

And then if you’re curious, let’s hop on a call (me and you, no sales fluff-ers) and talk business:

Daryl Rosser speaking at the Vietnam SEO Summit in front of 500 attendees

Daryl Rosser

CEO & Founder

Daryl Rosser speaking at the Vietnam SEO Summit in front of 500 attendees

What the biggest names in SEO say about us

Our team have been featured, recommended, and promoted by the biggest publications and experts in the SEO industry.

Daryl’s blog, Lion Zeal, is also amazing. He is results driven. Everything he writes and puts out is field tested.

Will Robins

Author, Search Engine Journal

• Top SEO Podcast

Daryl Rosser’s podcast centers around one topic: profiting from your SEO expertise.

Whether you’re trying to scale up your agency or just get your foot in the door and start selling your SEO, this is the perfect podcast for you to learn how to do that.

Monica Rodriguez

Campaign Manager, The HOTH

• 15th Best SEO Blog

Daryl Rosser is a relative newcomer to the SEO world, but he’s already becoming a household name.

Joshua Hardwick

Head of Content, Ahrefs

He's sharing a ton of knowledge on SEO that can really help you start getting more traffic and ultimately grow your business.

Nicholas Nalbach

Host, The Nine-Five Podcast

Frequently Asked Duct Marketing Questions

Do you do X marketing strategy?

Our strategy comes down to rebuilding your website to convert, running Google Search Ads, improving your SEO rankings, generating 5 star reviews, and then some additional services for full omni-presence such as email marketing and social media retargeting.

This is specifically designed to generate more leads and more business. It works, so we don’t change it.

How much does this cost?

It depends on your city, smaller cities tend to be less competitive so require less resources and less budget. If you’re in a major city, it’ll be far more competitive, but you’re likely to make significantly more money - so it equals out.

The reality then is it costs nothing.

Great marketing will add far more revenue than you put in.

Are you guys an agency? One-man? Or...?

We’re a deliberately small agency with 7-full time team members from a talented designer to SEOs and a PPC expert.

No sales people, no juniors, no handing you off to somebody with less knowledge than you.

You’ll be directly working with our founder/CEO and our project manager who works daily with the results team to ensure your campaign is moving along as expected.

How long will this take to get results?

You probably don’t want to wait 6 months to get results, that’s why we use our custom built, proven landing pages to run ads and start generating you calls within days.

That’s the benefit of working with duct cleaner marketing specialists.

Once that’s in place, we’ll work on your new website, custom landing pages, SEO, reviews, and everything else that will build on that significantly over the coming months.

Talk To Duct Marketing Experts That Understand Your Business

If your marketing is working, you should know exactly how much you invested, how much visibility it got, how many calls and leads it generated, and how many appointments and revenue. At DM we don’t believe in “branding”, we’re not Coca Cola. We measurably make you more money.